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Our team is comprised of highly capable, talented, hardworking individuals that are dedicated to the paranormal field we all bring different backgrounds and knowledge into the paranormal and urban exploring. We're three friends that are passionate about what we do Whether it's a haunted house, hospital or an abandoned farmhouse, we will not allow fear to stop us. Here is how we work: first we research our buildings, after our team will go into a property to do a full night's investigation there conducting different experiments and using some equipment. Once the analysis is done, we determine whether the incidences are paranormal or not. On most occasions some properties may need more than one night's investigation in which case we will spend more time as needed.

Paranormal Investigations in Urban Locations

Welcome to Spirit Vision, We conduct investigations into a wide variety of paranormal activities and phenomena. Our team of experts is always ready to look into whatever inexplicable situation we come across, we utilise the latest equipment as well as our intuition and knowledge. To reach us, kindly visit our Facebook page, Instagram and you tube channel or contact us through our form below.

What We do

Between us we have been trying to attempt to address the impossible for years, and our prior successes speak to our ability. We have the latest tools and sound investigators to help understand the afterlife.
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Becca robinson

14 February 2020

14 February


Omg this team are outstanding apart from the fact they are genuine they also share great pictures of there journeys on Instagram. I love watching there series o...
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Kel bought one of our Full spectrum IR cameras. We're looking forward to hearing her feedback.
One of our excited customers
Very Friendly and always on time. Thank you
Richy Picking

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